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Pirate Treasure Hunt Adventure


The first installment of this exciting, multimedia curriculum is the Pirate Treasure Hunt Adventure. You will be taking the children on an exciting adventure to a magic treasure island where they will go Walking in the Jungle, be transformed in to butterflies in Magic Butterfly Meadow, turn into Hopping Frogs, become a giant, a mouse, a dinosaur, a grasshopper and finally explore a mysterious Secret Cave to find the treasure that they will describe using their imaginations. This module includes a colorful and creative video featuring Pirate Pete and Jen the Fairy Dancer, a training video with step by step instructions for you and an audio version of the story.

This curriculum module is available for purchase as a download or in DVD/CD format. Please contact the Young Music Company to place your order:

email: contact@youngmusiccompany.com

office: (562) 537-4187

The Nick & Jen Show!

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At a Nick & Jen Kids Music Concert the children will be jumping like a frog, flying like a super kid, riding on a train, walking like a giant and crawling like a spider. They will dance and move their bodies to our irresistible movement songs. They will help us tell musical stories about pirates and jungle animals. They will celebrate the joy of music and dance in the way that only a child can in a safe and enriching environment.

The kids music concert with Nick the Music Man and Jen the Fairy Dancer is all about interactivity with the children in the audience. The children are jumping like a frog, flying like a superhero, riding on a train, driving a race car, walking like a dinosaur and going on a treasure hunt.

With boundless energy and enthusiasm Nick and Jen create a magical music and movement extravaganza children and parents alike can’t get enough of.

An Interactive Experience

The kids music concert with Nick the Music Man and Jen the Fairy Dancer is all about interactivity with the children in the audience. The children are jumping like a frog, flying like a superhero, riding on a train, driving a race car, walking like a dinosaur and going on a treasure hunt.

We use call and response songs and games from various world traditions including Native America and Africa. I bring my guitar and a sound system. Jen and I wear wireless headset microphones. I sing and play the guitar and Jen sings harmony and leads the children in the movements.

We are full of energy and enthusiasm and we are experts at engaging the whole audience for the entire performance.

Children’s Music Education

I am a children’s music educator and entertainer. I have been bringing the joy of music into classrooms for over twenty years. I specialize in interactive and engaging music concerts for children. My approach is energetic and exciting.

The children that participate in my kids music concerts will be jumping like a frog, flying like a super hero, riding on a train and walking like a dinosaur. My wife Jen and I perform our kids concerts together and we perform over a hundred of shows a year.

Our passion is to engage and enrich the lives of children through music and movement.

Kids Music Classes

A New Approach to Children’s Music Education

Music classes with The Young Music Company™ are a spectacle of movement, imagination, singing voices, squealing cries of joy, loud and softly played instruments held in small and eager hands and a celebration of the spirit of the young child.

Rather that asking small children to sit quietly and wait for their brief turn to participate, we facilitate an environment that allows the group to flow with the energy an excitement of discovery and activity.

By presenting activities that are accessible and matching the enthusiasm and the excitement of children we effortlessly keep our groups engaged. Our teachers stay tuned into the group and taylor the activities to the mood and energy level that is present.

Joyous, Creative Energy

Children, like all of us, have music inside of them. But unlike adults and even school age children, young children have the pure joy of music bubbling up out of them at all times. Our approach to early childhood music education is to create an environment for young children to express that joyous, creative energy. Our songs and stories are an invitation to the musical spirit of children to open the door to their natural relationship with music as a celebration of life.

Twenty Years of Experience

The Young Music Company was created by Nick Young over 20 years ago and has been bringing the joy of music and movement into preschool, kindergarten and early elementary classrooms ever since. Our dynamic approach to early childhood music education is loved by teachers and parents as well as children because it is interactive, engaging, exciting and fun. Nick and his team of teachers, personally trained by him, bring their guitars and percussion instruments and loads of enthusiasm to each class that they teach. Teachers and parents are amazed by how engaged the children stay throughout the 30 minute music groups.

Class Management Techniques

Class management is a vital factor in leading and effective music group with children and so of course it is a keystone element of Nick Young’s music program. With progressive class management techniques and engaging material as well as enthusiastic presentation, music classes with the Young Music Company regularly exceed expectations.

New & Exciting

We are constantly creating new songs and activities to present in our music groups. We have developed the ability to read the children in our groups on a moment to moment basis and we use that ability to customize the activities that we present for maximum engagement and efficacy.

a quote from a mom:

“I have taken my daughter (almost two) to many other music programs including the famed “Music Together”. Nothing comes close to the Young Music Company’s program in terms of quality, and in capturing my daughter’s attention, teaching her songs and imbuing within her a love of music. I have never seen her so happy as when she is participating in one of your classes. The joy on her face is amazing. Thank you for all that you do!”

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Kids Music Parties

The Joy of Music & Dance

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At a Nick & Jen Kids Music Party the children will be jumping like a frog, flying like a super kid, riding on a train, walking like a giant and crawling like a spider. They will dance and move their bodies to our irresistible movement songs. They will help us tell musical stories about pirates and jungle animals. They will play shakers, drums, scrapers and triangles. They will celebrate the joy of music and dance in the way that only a child can in a safe and enriching environment.

Enthusiastic & Energetic Presentation

Renowned children’s music entertainers Nick the Music Man and Jen the Fairy Dancer perform shows for thousands of children each year and now they’re available to entertain the children at your child’s birthday party. Their enthusiastic and energetic presentation combined with engaging songs and activities will have the children moving, jumping, dancing, singing and imagining.

Capturing the Attention of the Group

Nick and Jen specialize in capturing the attention of the group and keeping them engaged for the duration of the music time. With 20 years of experience working with children in the classroom they have mastered the ability to taylor their show to each individual group in a way that will keep them fascinated and engaged.

Bringing the guitar, a small sound system, and a collection of hand percussion instruments that the children will have a chance to play, they will bring the joy of music and dance to your child’s special day.

Interactive Music Show

The first thing to understand about our music parties is that they are interactive. The children are never asked to sit and passively watch us perform. The children are as much a part of the show as Jen and I.

The next thing is that we are full of excitement and enthusiasm. We bring our full attention and energy to our music parties. We never phone it in and we always give the best experience possible.

We are tuned in to the children. The energy of the group dictates what songs, games and activities we present on a moment to moment basis. In order to keep the children fully engaged we need to be aware of their mood, energy, age level and the “chemistry” of the group.

Nick Young’s Ultimate Guide to Class Management for Early Childhood Music Groups

Music Class PhotoHere is our kids music class management system. We are very excited to share these important tools with you that will help you make Music Time in your classroom and home a fun and enriching time for you and the children that you work with.
One of the main reasons that preschool teachers avoid music and movement time in their classrooms is because they have not yet mastered the important tools of class management that apply to these kinds of activities.
I have been leading music groups in preschool classrooms for over twenty years. Over that time I have developed these basic principals that guarantee a positive music experience for teacher, parent and student alike. Use these tools, and music and movement time will become one of your favorite activities.

Watch these videos to see how well these tools work!


Getting Started

Group Leadership:

Question: How do I keep 20 three year old’s engaged for 30 minutes?

Answer: Establish yourself as the focus of attention by becoming the “Shiny Object” in the room.

Use These Tools:

• Energy and Enthusiasm

• Be fully committed, engaged and excited bout what you are presenting

• Brisk Pace

• Engaging Curriculum/Material (Like the Pirate Treasure Hunt Adventure!)

Your Goal: to entice the group to join you on the “Music Express”. The group will jump on the train that is moving briskly down the track. If the train slows down or stops, the passengers will disembark. Keep the momentum of the class moving so that the children will stay engaged and not get distracted.

What are the potential distractions?

• The Environment of your Group Space

• Toys and games on classroom shelves

• Adult voices in the room

• Other activity in the room

• Other Group Members

• Children who are, talking with friends, wandering away from the group, bumping or pushing their friends or laying on the floor etc.

Note: Distractions can spread through the group if not managed swiftly.

Important: Always be positive, never punitive. The group is soaking up your energy. If you get negative and dictatorial, scolding and belittling, the group will lose it’s bright, shiny, fun energy.

What do you do about Distractions?

Use positive language and actions to adjust the chemistry of the group without slowing down the Music Express.

Tools of Class Management Pt.1

Let’s Get Specific:

Minor behavior issues indicate a need to change what you are presenting. If the children are getting distracted it’s probably because what you are presenting is not holding their attention. Try something different. Change the type of material. Up the energy. Increase movement or decrease if already in high gear.

Morning Classes: The children have lot’s of nervous energy to burn up so start out the group with vigorous movement songs.

Afternoon Classes: They may be tired, hungry and hot from paying outside on a sunny day. Start the group with some calm, cooling down songs.

Rainy Day: They may have been indoors all day and be bursting with energy. Hit them with several high energy movement activities in fast succession. They will love it and their teachers and parents will love you for it too.

Important: Knowing what material to present at any given moment depends on your ability to gauge the group from moment to moment. 90% of group management issues will be resolved with your mastery of this  ability.


Tools of Class Management Pt.2

Behavior Issues:

Sometimes certain children will exhibit very distracting behavior and threaten to derail the Music Express. Here is our system of graduated steps that will solve any behavior situation.

Note: Learn to respond, not react when challenging behavior issues arise. Keep in mind that, like adults, children have many reasons to act out in a disruptive way. When you have gained the skill and tools to deal with any behavior issue you will come to enjoy helping challenging children find a path to enrichment and positive participation in the music group.

Through this system you are doing the important work of helping children gain social skills that they will use throughout their lives. It’s an important job, a big responsibility and wonderful gift that you are in a position to give to the children in your group.

The System

When you encounter particularly challenging behavior in your music group there are three steps that will help you guide the disruptive group members to positive participation.

Step 1. Adjust the “Chemistry” of the group: Cheerfully and quickly move the child to a different spot in the circle. Move her from a spot where she is near friends that she likes to roughhouse with to a spot where she will be near some children with calmer energy. Say “Suzy, I have a special spot for you to move to right over  here!” You vocal inflection should send the signal that “this is a fun thing!” not “I am punishing you!”

Step 2. Give a Choice: Say “I am noticing that your body is not ready for music right now. Are you able to choose to make it work in music group today?” Usually the child will indicate that she is ready to choose to make it work.

Step 3. Give A Consequence: If Step 1 and Step 2 fail to change a child’s behavior you may need to ask them remove themselves from the group and sit in a chair nearby. Make it clear that they are free to rejoin the group as soon as they are ready to choose to make it work. They will often rejoin the group immediately. This is ideal. If this step fails you may need another adult to assist you by helping the child to sit by them, outside the group, and observe the remaining group time. After the class and before the next class with that child have a brief meeting/pep talk with the child giving encouragement for their positive participation in the music time. Say “Suzy, I know that you are going to choose to make it work in the music group and you will get to play the instruments and have a super fun time!”

Note: Never be punitive!! Your vocal inflection, body language and choice of words should indicate that you are calm and respectful. You are empowering the child to make a choice for themselves about what they want to do. This is a critical teaching moment and potentially very important in the child’s development and the future success of the group.

We know that these tools will help you to create Magical Music Moments in your classroom and home. Every group is different and every child is unique, but this system has helped thousands of children to enjoy fun and enriching music times for over twenty years and they will work for you too.

This kids music class management system is part of our PlayMotion Music System. Click here to learn how you can teach music for the kids in your classroom and home.

We love to hear from you about your music time! Please contact us:

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Thank You From Nick & Jen and The Young Music Company™