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Hip Hop Jen’s Creative Dance Games

Across the Floor: Have each child take turns going “across the floor”.

*Cones: Each child can jump over cones across the floor or weave in & out

*Pair up with a partner and have them do their own poses across the floor

*Get creative with fun dance moves across the floor like, hop on one foot, jump & clap, tip toe, march their knees, act like their favorite animal, walk backwards, just have fun!

Dance Games:

Cha Cha Slide: easy to find on itunes and the music tells you what to do!

Limbo: get a broom stick and play any song and have kids line up and dance under the stick!

Hip Hop Hop: It’s like, “duck duck goose” but you say, “Hip Hop….Hop” and sit in a big circle, pick one child to go first in which they will begin by dancing in the middle of the circle, then after a short while, you cue to pick someone else, and they go around saying, Hip Hop… by taping on each sitting child’s head and when they chose someone, they say, “HOP!”…then it’s that child’s turn to dance in the circle!

Freeze Dance: This is the ultimate favorite! Have kids dance however they want to a fun song, and when you pause the song, you say, Freeze! And the kids, freeze their bodies! Whoever is still moving, is out. Now, I sometimes play it this way, but most of the time I just play for fun depending on your group of kids!