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PlayMotionMusic Class Management System™

Songs For Effective Class Management & Transitions in the  Preschool, Kindergarten Classroom and Home

Songs and Music are the most powerful tools that we have for managing the daily of activities for children in the classroom and the home. Every teacher and parent would like to create an orderly flow from activity to activity throughout the day. Here are the tools that you need to do just that.

We all know that transitions can be difficult for children. That’s why we created these songs and musical activities that cue the children and help them to be prepared to move from Group Time to Outside Time, from Work Time to Nap Time and for every aspect of daily life.

How To Use These Tools

The first step is to familiarize the children with the songs by watching the videos. The positive images that they see on the screen will help them to form a positive association with the upcoming activity. Then, when you play the song at the appropriate time during the day, they will recall the images from the video and feel positive about moving to that activity.

Greeting Song

Every day should start with a warm greeting that welcomes the children to the classroom and reminds them that they are valued and loved. It should also reenforce the expectations of the classroom environment regarding treatment of their peers and the teacher.

YouTube Preview Image

Audio Version: Good Morning Song

Transition to Outside Song

Transitioning from indoor activities to outside play time can be caotic. This song reminds the children of many of the fun activities available to them in the outdoor play space and reenforces the expectation that they will be using calm bodies and keeping their hands in their own space as they line up to go outside.

YouTube Preview Image

Audio Version: Transition Outside Song

Clean Up Song

We all know the classic clean up song sung by a certain purple dinosoar. We think it’s safe to say that it’s time for an upgrade. This clean up song creates a fun challenge for the children to pick up fifteen things and put them in their correct place.

YouTube Preview Image

Audio Version: Clean Up Song

Would you like to purchase the complete PlayMotion System on DVD & CD? When you do you will receive songs for every aspect of your day and many exciting bonus features!

Transitioning From Outside Play Time to Inside Time

Nap Time

Snack Time

Work Time

Reading A Book

Creating Art

…and more!