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Kids Music Classes

A New Approach to Children’s Music Education

Music classes with The Young Music Company™ are a spectacle of movement, imagination, singing voices, squealing cries of joy, loud and softly played instruments held in small and eager hands and a celebration of the spirit of the young child.

Rather that asking small children to sit quietly and wait for their brief turn to participate, we facilitate an environment that allows the group to flow with the energy an excitement of discovery and activity.

By presenting activities that are accessible and matching the enthusiasm and the excitement of children we effortlessly keep our groups engaged. Our teachers stay tuned into the group and taylor the activities to the mood and energy level that is present.

Joyous, Creative Energy

Children, like all of us, have music inside of them. But unlike adults and even school age children, young children have the pure joy of music bubbling up out of them at all times. Our approach to early childhood music education is to create an environment for young children to express that joyous, creative energy. Our songs and stories are an invitation to the musical spirit of children to open the door to their natural relationship with music as a celebration of life.

Twenty Years of Experience

The Young Music Company was created by Nick Young over 20 years ago and has been bringing the joy of music and movement into preschool, kindergarten and early elementary classrooms ever since. Our dynamic approach to early childhood music education is loved by teachers and parents as well as children because it is interactive, engaging, exciting and fun. Nick and his team of teachers, personally trained by him, bring their guitars and percussion instruments and loads of enthusiasm to each class that they teach. Teachers and parents are amazed by how engaged the children stay throughout the 30 minute music groups.

Class Management Techniques

Class management is a vital factor in leading and effective music group with children and so of course it is a keystone element of Nick Young’s music program. With progressive class management techniques and engaging material as well as enthusiastic presentation, music classes with the Young Music Company regularly exceed expectations.

New & Exciting

We are constantly creating new songs and activities to present in our music groups. We have developed the ability to read the children in our groups on a moment to moment basis and we use that ability to customize the activities that we present for maximum engagement and efficacy.

a quote from a mom:

“I have taken my daughter (almost two) to many other music programs including the famed “Music Together”. Nothing comes close to the Young Music Company’s program in terms of quality, and in capturing my daughter’s attention, teaching her songs and imbuing within her a love of music. I have never seen her so happy as when she is participating in one of your classes. The joy on her face is amazing. Thank you for all that you do!”

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