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Music for Your Preschool

Interactive Musical Experiences for Children

Nick Young’s music curriculum for non musician teachers and parents. Containing all the tools and elements needed to create a magical music moment in your classroom and home.Training videos and step-by-step instructions guide you in exactly how to facilitate wonderful, interactive musical experiences for the children. These completely self contained curriculum modules give you everything needed to create an enriching, fun, interactive and exciting music time.

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Class Management Techniques

Many teachers that work with young children have had disappointing experiences when they have tried to bring music and movement into the classroom. Specialized class management techniques are vital to leading music groups with children. By combining effective class management techniques with engaging curriculum and enthusiastic presentation Nick Young’s music program is guaranteed to achieve great results in any classroom.

Nick Young has been developing his early childhood music curriculum for over 20 years and is an active teacher with over 20 classes taught each week and many more taught by teachers that he has trained. Nick Young’s children’s music curriculum is finally tuned and incredibly effective as well as enriching and fun.

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Pirate Treasure Hunt Adventure

The first installment of this exciting, multimedia curriculum is the Pirate Treasure Hunt Adventure. You will be taking the children on an exciting adventure to a magic treasure island where they will go Walking in the Jungle, be transformed in to butterflies in Magic Butterfly Meadow, turn into Hopping Frogs, become a giant, a mouse, a dinosaur, a grasshopper and finally explore a mysterious Secret Cave to find the treasure that they will describe using their imaginations. This module includes a colorful and creative video featuring Pirate Pete and Jen the Fairy Dancer, a training video with step by step instructions for you and an audio version of the story.

This curriculum module is available for purchase as a download or in DVD/CD format. Please contact the Young Music Company to place your order:

email: contact@youngmusiccompany.com

office: (562) 537-4187

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