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The PlayMotion Music System™

The PlayMotion Music System™ is a series of multimedia curriculum modules that puts our creative and stimulating kids music and movement program in your hands!

Here is what this program includes:

Teacher Training Workshop: To kick it off I hold a workshop with all the head teachers to introduce them to the program. This will be a fun, interactive experience where I will take the teachers through many of the activities that they will be presenting to the children, give them training in my method of class management for preschool music time and introduce them to my approach to early childhood music education.

Every month each head teacher/classroom will receive a self contained module of materials including:
1. A DVD that contains –
A Training Video for the teacher walking them through how to present the material that month
• One or more Videos that may be used directly with the children familiarizing them with the activities that will be presented (please let me know what your policy is with showing video to the children, this can be optional)
2. A CD of songs, stories and activities that the teacher will use when facilitating the music time with the children
3. A step by step Handbook that the teachers will refer to when preparing and presenting the music time
4. Additional Materials like music notes that the teachers will use as part of the music time
5. Teacher Support: Each teacher will have access to support by phone and at an Online Forum on our website where I will address their specific questions and challenges and continue to train them in the areas of presentation, class management for music time and other areas

• Each class will need a set of hand percussion instruments that the children will use for a portion of the music time. I can give you a list or I can supply them to you directly.

California Preschool Guidelines: This program covers many of the California Preschool Program Guidelines such as: promoting physical well-being and motor development, promoting positive social and emotional development, fostering language development, instilling cognitive development and of course visual and performing arts.

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