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What’s Up?!?! Hip Hop Jen Kids Dance Song (Full Video)

Get you and the kids dancing and laughing with this fun and funny kids hip hop song from Hip Hop Jen’s New CD: Kids Dance Party! Click here to download the Hip Hop Jen, Kids Dance Party CD

Song Lyrics:

I woke up this morning and my mom said hey
It’s time to get ready for school today
I checked the calendar and I had to say
Guess what mom today is Saturday
What’s up
What’s up
Throw your hands, what’s up
When something’s not right
You got to speak up
Everyone say what’s up
My mom said hey let’s go to the zoo
I said yeah that sounds pretty cool
We get to the zoo and they said were sorry
The animals have all gone to a party
I went to the party of a friend of mine
It was a birthday we had a great time
He blew out the candles I was ready for a bite
But they didn’t have Cake just vegetable pie
It was Christmas morning
Dad was having his coffee
I wanted to see
What Santa had brought me
I looked behind the tree
And I saw the box
But when I opened it up
All I got was some socks
My dad said now
It’s time for bed
Time to lay down your
I said hold on
Somethings wrong with your timing
I looked out the window and the
Sun was still shining
What’s Up? What’s Up